Entrust Your Building Projects to a Professional Construction Company

Professional Construction Parksley, VAWhether you want to remodel your house or build a new commercial property, you’ll need to hire a local building company. This way, you’ll have a team of experts who’ll help you turn your ideas into reality and create a durable and attractive building that will last for a long time. You’ll also have professionals who’ll ensure that your remodeling or construction project complies with the building codes in your area and that you won’t have any legal problems down the road.

Fortunately, if you’re based in Parksley, VA, finding the right company to hire isn’t difficult since you can always call John Lord Building Inc Parksley. We’re known for our high-quality workmanship as well as our affordable construction service that allow our clients to bring their projects to life without breaking the bank. We specialize in construction and renovation as well as many other solutions, so you can hire us no matter what your building needs are.


If you need a professional building service, you’re in the right place. We have years of experience in constructing both residential and commercial buildings, which means we can assist you whether you’re building a new house or erecting a shopping center. Just need a garage for your home? There’s no need to fret since we also offer garage building services and can help you with your project.


We’re known as a professional construction company, but we don’t just stop at building new structures. We also offer reliable excavation solutions and can assist clients who need earthmoving services for a new swimming pool, a house foundation, or any other purpose.

Renovation and Remodeling

Our clients rely on us for affordable building repair, renovation, and remodeling solutions, and we live up to their expectations. Through our services, homeowners can create more living space, give unused areas a new purpose, and make their property more functional and attractive than ever.

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Offering a local construction service isn’t just about building new structures; it’s also about tearing down old ones when needed. This is why we provide a reliable demolition service to property owners who want to clear dilapidated structures from their lots so they can start anew.

John Lord Building Inc Parksley is the right company to hire when you need local building repair and construction services in Parksley, VA and . Call us today at (757) 607-2703 to schedule your appointment!

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